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Al Asar Online Quran Academy is leading since 2009, We are devoted to opening new avenues for the promotion of remote tutoring of Islamic & Temporal education

The basic aim of this academy is to let Muslims Learn Quran Online and to make a religious future for the next generation. We have made it possible to teach you the Holy Book and religion at your home. We have highly qualified tutors for Skype Quran Classes at any time you need. We are proud to charge the lowest possible fees from our students. We have both Male and Female Quran Teacher Both are competitive, courteous and friendly. We offer classes for  Male ,Female students  of All ages. Female tutors are recommended for the sisters, daughters, and kids. We give the best opportunity for the students to learn the Holy Book with the convenience of their time. As compared to other online academies we are renowned for consistency and flexibility for students. All tutors are the experts and students get the best learning experience from them. We are providing our services in many locations our classes from Pakistan in Western Countries like the USA – UK – Russia – Chinese (Simplified) –French—Thai.

We have a unique way, Islamic & Temporal education Academy of Learning Quran Reading . We have Qualified Quran Tutor and currently they are Teaching Quran to students of UK , USA , RUSSIA, CHINA and all nations. They are teaching to students of all age groups. They are teaching to children, adults and aged persons To Learn Quran . So they know how to deal with all age groups and will people of any nation. So anyone can feel comfort in their company. Here modern education is imparted on scientific guidelines but the moral competence and Islamic ethics is given number one priority and enjoys the supervision and guidance of contemporary learned scholars and highly professional people.

Safe & Secure
Excellent Academic Background
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Male & Female Teacher
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Now female Muslims can learn any course of the Quran with Al-Asar Quran Academy the best online QURAN
Academy that we are providing our services in Many locations our classes from Pakistan, China, Russia,
Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, In African, Western Countries like the USA, UK, Australia
, Female
Muslims daughters and sisters do not have to go any where to attend Quran classes We have female tutors for
them to teach them the courses they want to learn we teach females of all ages so if you also want to learn from
us privately from a qualified female teacher, contact us today

Our Online Quran Academy offers an easy way for all students. We offer special classes to kids of different ages. The students have to take the classes on a PC/ laptop or any android device. We aim to teach the Book of Allah to Muslims all across the world.  We wish to spread the light of the Holy Book in every corner of the world. To achieve this purpose, our teaching service is available 24/7. It means that our teaching services are available day and night. Students learn easily with us because we teach with proper punctuation and rules. We only hire qualified and experienced tutors. They have experience in providing online classes. They are also familiar with proper Tajweed rules. We make learning easy for everyone by offering him or her 1 to 1 class.  Students can choose the classes at any suitable time that students suggest.


By the grace of Allah, we are a reliable platform for Muslim students. Thousands of Muslim students including adults and kids learn from us. They learn the basic and advanced Quran courses online from us. New Muslims also find the Quran academy the most reliable place for learning all kinds of Quran and Islamic courses. We are reliable because we teach via Skype. The students and teachers are available online and share screens. We give a guarantee to all parents that their children will become fluent in reciting the Quran. 

We are reliable because we are affordable. Therefore, if you want to have the best Quran learning facility at the best price, Quran Academy is the right choice for you. Students also learn at their own homes. It means that we will teach you online and you will not leave your home. You will choose the time when you can attend the classes. This is called the flexibility of time. We offer the maximum flexibility in time to our students so start learning with us with peace of mind.

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