Al-Asar Quran Academy The Best Online QURAN Academy is mainly developed as an international Quran reading online academy, our mission is to deliver the best guidance of reading the Quran with the proper Quran rules. Online Quran Academy will provide you with different courses and levels to all the Muslims living in the world. We do not have any restrictions of age or gender; our mission is to spread the genuine learn Quran reading facilities to our people who still can’t find a home-based permanent tutor for themselves. So, with the help of our English Quran reading capabilities, people can learn and understand the knowledge of Quran some of the main purposes behind our online Quran education are given below:

Our vision is to attain the blessings and the pleasure of Allah the Almighty by delivering His message to the mankind to the Muslims, Converted Muslims and all religions our vision is to deliver the knowledge of Islamic teachings with their essence. More importantly, our main goal is to teach the holy Quran online with the applied rules of the science of Tajweed. We wish and love to see our students as role model of Islam and a good example of human being in their society. We aim to deliver the theory of Islam by introducing and teaching Islamic studies to our children, women and adults.